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Developing a Public Spaceport & Launch Facility in Australia and its associated industries and businesses.

 Sociedad Espacial Mexicana (SEM)Treasurer and Manager Strategic Projects, CPA, MBA 

He has extensive experience in new business development, investment projects, administration and finance.
​Currently leading a new regional aviation company. 

Founder/First President, Member, Sociedad Espacial Mexicana (SEM)  
Jesus Raygoza Berrelleza is a technologist, particularly involved in electromagnetics and related sciences. In 1968, he outlined a theory for tentatively diminishing the "sonic boom", heating transfer, drag, and other problems associated with supersonic and hypersonic flight. In 1973, by the first time, he submitted this concept to the U.S. Air Force. In 1983, the "Surfer Cone" concept, a derivation from his 1968 theory, was a device to be adapted to a hypersonic aircraft for accomplishing the solution for the already problems described. In July 20, 1990 he founded the Mexican Space Society (SEM); current President. For about a decade, he helped to promote the creation of the current Mexican Space Agency (AEM). A Regent of the International Space Development Authority Corporation (ISDAC); Board of Advisors of The Moon Society; Sub-Officer, National Commission for Save & Rescue Service of Civil Aircrafts "SAR Mexico"; Vice-President of the Mexico Space Tourism Society (SMTE); Member of the Space Renaissance Initiative (SRI); a Member of the Jalisco Aerospace Council (JAC); and a Partner in Ansari Enterprise. He is the creator of proposals now in progress: the Space Theme Park, the Lunar Mexico Habitat Analogue Project: Mex-LunarHab (MLH), and the Mexican Astronaut Corps (CAM). He also is an amateur archaeologist who has visited Israel and other several countries, having grown up with history on worldwide ancient science and technology since the early 1970s.